Mini wood treatment plant


Two decks horizontal vibrating screen for iron ore


Feeding chute to mineral processing


Balls mill for magnetic ferrites


Pulper Drum driver’s mechanism for iron ore


Drainage horizontal vibrating screen


Mobile log debarker


Wood treatment plant provided by Rolmig Industrial to Fischer Fraiburgo Agrícola - Fraiburgo-SC


Autoclave diameter 1600 x 17000 mm for Wood treatment plant


Structure for pumping station of tailings from Conceição Mine


Transfer car - 40 Tons of capacity provided to Cooperativa Agroindustrial Lar - Medianeira-PR


Production capacity: 23000 cubic meters/year of treated wood - Customer: União Madeiras Ltda - Angelândia-MG


Wood treatment plant with an autoclave of 1900 mm diameter x 12000 mm length


Wood treatment plant with an autoclave of 1900 mm diameter x 14000 mm length


Drill For Mourões



Mini wood treatment plant


Cost Simulation of Wood Treatment
Wood preservation processes under pressure on an industrial scale, in addition to ensuring the broad control of product quality

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