Produces spare parts for ore treatment plants through drawings; system of transport and storage of bulk cargoes; boilerworks factory elements in carbon steel and stainless steel such as: silos; hoppers; chutes, troughs; Gates; walkways; blades coated with extra hard metal; buckets for mineral handing equipment;  helical classifiers; boxes (sump) for feeding pulp pumps; pipes of large diameters; table for plan filter; Workholding frames to hold the  screens of vibrating screens; pulper drums, various metal structures; high performance coatings for silos, etc.


Structures for road and rail bridges; metal sheds; welded metal beams; tubular structures; mezzanines; shapes and metal anchors etc.

Designs, produces and assembles Wood Preservation Plants (UPM) by the process of vacuum and pressure with water-soluble preservatives; trolleys for loading of wood; winch for loading and unloading of wood; mobile and fixed log debarker  ;  wooden sharpeners; multiple drills for fence posts and crosspieces for electrification poles; diversion of railroad car; autoclaves; metallic tanks and other equipment.

Our workforce is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in the metal-mechanic sector, included with engineering, production and administration.


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